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Upcoming Beach Tournaments in Port St Joe: What to Expect

Get ready for an exciting lineup of fishing tournaments and competitive angling events in Port St Joe Beach. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to test your skills, these beach tournaments offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your fishing prowess and compete against fellow anglers from around the country.

From thrilling angler competitions to high-stakes sports events, Port St Joe Beach has it all. Experience the thrill of casting your line in pristine coastal waters and vying for the top spot in these prestigious fishing contests. With a variety of beach fishing tournaments to choose from, there’s something for every angler’s taste.

Key Takeaways:

  • Port St Joe Beach is a hotspot for competitive angling events and fishing tournaments
  • A variety of beach fishing contests are available for anglers of all skill levels
  • Participating in these tournaments offers the chance to showcase your angling skills
  • Compete against fellow anglers and vie for prestigious prizes
  • Experience the thrill of fishing in the coastal waters of Port St Joe Beach

27th Annual MBARA Kingfish Tournament

MBARA Kingfish Tournament

The 27th Annual MBARA Kingfish Tournament is a highly anticipated fishing tournament fundraiser organized by the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA). As a non-profit organization, MBARA is dedicated to the conservation and environmental improvement of marine reef systems off the coast of Mexico Beach, FL.

One of the primary goals of MBARA is to build and deploy artificial reefs, which serve as crucial fish habitats and contribute to the overall health of the marine ecosystem. These artificial reefs not only attract diverse marine life but also provide social-economic benefits to the local community by enhancing recreational and diving opportunities.

By participating in the MBARA Kingfish Tournament, anglers not only get to enjoy the thrill of competitive fishing but also contribute directly to the MBARA’s conservation efforts. The tournament registration fees go towards supporting the maintenance and expansion of over 275 reefs, consisting of thousands of individual structures.

So, if you’re an avid angler looking for a unique fishing experience while making a positive impact on the environment, the 27th Annual MBARA Kingfish Tournament is an event you won’t want to miss.

Important Information, Dates, and Times

Tournament Schedule

The MBARA Kingfish Tournament follows a specific schedule, ensuring a well-organized and exciting event for all participants.

  1. Tournament Schedule: The tournament consists of various key events:
  • The Captain’s Party: This lively gathering takes place the evening before the fishing day. It offers participants the chance to enjoy delicious food, socialize with fellow anglers, and receive important updates about the tournament.
  • Fishing Times: The fishing action begins early in the morning, allowing participants ample time to showcase their angling skills and compete for impressive prizes. There are different divisions available for open and recreational participants, ensuring a fair competition for all skill levels.
  • Weigh-In: After an exciting day on the water, participants bring their catches to the weigh-in. Here, their fish will be carefully weighed and measured to determine their eligibility for prizes. The weigh-in occurs later in the day, allowing participants to make the most of their fishing time.
  • Registration Details:
    • Pre-registration: To secure your spot in the tournament, pre-registration is available online. By registering in advance, you not only guarantee your participation but also enjoy a discounted registration fee.
    • Late Registration: If you missed the pre-registration deadline, don’t worry. Late registration is possible at the Captain’s Party, providing participants with the opportunity to join the tournament even at the last moment.
    • Additional Divisions: For an enhanced experience, participants can opt for additional divisions, such as the Ladies Division and Juniors Division, by paying an extra fee. These divisions provide unique opportunities to compete in a more targeted category and have a chance to win additional prizes.

    Parking and Door Prizes

    Parking and Door Prizes Image

    With the anticipated high number of vehicles and boat trailers, the Boat Ramp Parking Area may be congested. However, there are alternative parking options available to ensure a smooth and convenient experience for all participants.

    Additional parking is provided at the Mexico Beach Pier Parking Area, which is conveniently located near the tournament venue. To make transportation hassle-free, a shuttle service will be operating between the parking area and the event site, offering a convenient way to get to and from the tournament.

    While participating in the MBARA Kingfish Tournament, don’t miss the chance to win exciting door prizes at the Captain’s Party! Although attendance at the Captain’s Party is not mandatory, it presents an excellent opportunity to socialize with fellow anglers and potentially walk away with a fantastic prize.

    Pre-registered participants automatically enter the door prize raffle, ensuring that they have a chance to win. If you haven’t registered before the Captain’s Party, don’t worry! You can register on-site and claim your ticket to join in the raffle and compete for the prizes.

    Make sure to mark your calendars for this unforgettable tournament experience where parking options, shuttle service, and door prizes await!

    Tournament Prizes

    Tournament Prizes

    The MBARA Kingfish Tournament offers a range of exciting prize categories for participants to compete for. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, there are opportunities for everyone to win big.

    Recreational Division

    • Cash prizes are awarded to the top five placements in the King Mackerel category.
    • Additional prizes are available for participants who catch Spanish Mackerel.

    Open Division

    • Cash prizes are awarded for the top placements in the King Mackerel category.
    • There is also a separate category known as the Pelagic Purse, with its own cash prizes.

    For those looking to compete in other divisions, such as the Ladies Division or Juniors Division, there are extra opportunities to win prizes. The prizes on offer range from cash amounts to sponsored items, ensuring an enticing reward for your angling skills and success in the tournament.

    Tournament Rules

    Participating in the tournament requires players to adhere to the established rules and guidelines. These rules cover various aspects of the competition, ensuring fair play and maintaining a level playing field for all participants. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

    1. Entry Fees: To compete in the tournament, participants are required to pay the designated entry fee. The fees contribute to organizing the event and providing the necessary resources for a successful and enjoyable experience.
    2. Division Qualifications: The competition is divided into two main divisions: recreational and open. Each division has specific qualifications that participants must meet to compete against anglers of a similar skill level.
    3. Ladies and Juniors Divisions: In addition to the main divisions, there are optional ladies and juniors divisions available for those who wish to participate. However, an additional fee is required to enter these divisions, providing an opportunity for female and young anglers to showcase their talent.
    4. Captain’s Responsibility: As a participating captain, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully informed about the tournament rules and procedures. Stay up-to-date with any amendments or changes that may occur before the Captain’s Party.
    5. Protest Process: In case of a disagreement or dispute, registered captains have the right to file a written protest. Each protest must be accompanied by a cash deposit as specified by the tournament committee. This ensures that protests are handled seriously and professionally, encouraging fair resolution.

    By understanding and respecting these tournament rules, you can fully enjoy the competition and contribute to the overall integrity of the event. Keep in mind that adhering to the rules not only ensures a fair playing field but also enhances the experience for all participants, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie.

    Boating Safety and Fishing Guidelines

    When participating in the tournament, boating safety and adherence to fishing guidelines are of utmost importance. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, please take note of the following guidelines:

    • Angler Capacity: There is no limit to the number of anglers per boat as long as it does not exceed the vessel’s capacity. Ensure that your boat can safely accommodate all participants.
    • Departure Locations: Departure locations for fishing are limited to specific areas. Please refer to the tournament instructions or consult with tournament organizers to know the designated departure locations.
    • Fishing Start Times: Fishing can only commence at the designated start times. It is important to adhere to the specified fishing hours to ensure fair play and equal opportunities for all participants. Late starts may result in disqualification.
    • Adherence to Fishing Rules: All participants must comply with the state’s fishing rules and regulations. This includes adhering to size limits, bag limits, and any other applicable fishing restrictions. Failure to comply may lead to penalties or disqualification.
    • Fish Handling Guidelines: Proper fish handling is crucial to maintain the fish’s freshness and eligibility for weighing. Follow the tournament’s fish handling guidelines, which may include practices such as using appropriate fish handling tools, minimizing stress on the fish, and preserving the fish’s condition.

    By following these boating safety and fishing guidelines, you can contribute to a fair and enjoyable tournament experience for all participants. Remember, safety and conservation are paramount in ensuring the sustainability of our precious marine resources.

    Weigh-In Procedures and Guidelines

    The weigh-in process is a crucial aspect of the tournament, ensuring fairness and accuracy in determining the winners. Here are the essential procedures and guidelines to follow:

    1. Weigh-in Time: Participants must present their catches for weighing within the designated time frame. It is important to arrive promptly to avoid disqualification.
    2. Scales Accuracy: Official tournament-approved scales are used to measure the weight of the fish. These scales are calibrated to provide precise measurements in consistent increments.
    3. Fish Inspection: All fish brought for weighing undergo inspection to verify that they were caught during the designated fishing times and comply with the tournament rules. This ensures a fair competition for all participants.
    4. Proper Fish Preservation: Proper care and preservation of the fish are essential. Any signs of improper handling, such as damage or spoilage, may result in disqualification. It is crucial to keep the fish fresh and in good condition until the weigh-in.
    5. Tiebreaker Rules: In the event of a tie, the earliest weigh-in time determines the winner. It emphasizes the importance of presenting your catch as early as possible to secure your position in case of ties.


    Port St Joe is not just a picturesque coastal town; it is also an angler’s paradise. With its thrilling lineup of beach tournaments and fishing competitions, this destination offers endless excitement for avid anglers. Whether you choose to participate in the renowned MBARA Kingfish Tournament or other annual events, you can expect a memorable experience filled with competitive angling events.

    From the lively Captain’s Party where you can socialize with fellow participants to the exhilarating weigh-in where you proudly present your catches, these tournaments provide the perfect platform to showcase your angling skills. Compete against other skilled anglers and vie for prestigious prizes as you immerse yourself in the vibrant angling community of Port St Joe Beach.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of these exceptional fishing competitions. Join the enthusiastic anglers who gather in Port St Joe each year to indulge in their shared passion for angling. Take part in these beach tournaments and experience the thrill of competitive angling events in the stunning surroundings of Port St Joe.


    Can you tell me more about the MBARA Kingfish Tournament?

    The MBARA Kingfish Tournament is the largest fundraising event organized by the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA). It supports the organization’s mission of building and deploying artificial reefs off the coast of Mexico Beach, FL, which promote marine conservation and provide recreational and diving opportunities. The tournament features different divisions and cash prizes for participants in King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel categories.

    What is the schedule for the MBARA Kingfish Tournament?

    The tournament begins with a Captain’s Party the evening before the fishing day. Fishing starts early in the morning, with divisions for open and recreational participants. The weigh-in occurs later in the day, allowing participants to have their catches weighed and measured.

    How can I register for the MBARA Kingfish Tournament?

    You can pre-register for the tournament online to secure a discounted registration fee. Late registration is available at the Captain’s Party. Additionally, participants can opt for additional divisions, such as the Ladies Division and Juniors Division, by paying an extra fee.

    Are there parking options available for the tournament?

    Yes, the Boat Ramp Parking Area may be congested, so additional parking is available at the Mexico Beach Pier Parking Area. Shuttle service is provided to and from the event.

    Are there door prizes at the tournament?

    Yes, although not mandatory, the Captain’s Party offers participants a chance to win door prizes. Pre-registered participants are automatically entered into the door prize raffle, while those registering at the Captain’s Party can claim their ticket and compete for prizes.

    What are the prize categories for the MBARA Kingfish Tournament?

    The tournament offers cash prizes for the top five placements in the King Mackerel category for both the recreational and open divisions. There are also separate cash prizes for Spanish Mackerel and additional categories like the Pelagic Purse, Ladies Division, and Juniors Division.

    Are there any rules participants need to follow?

    Yes, there are specific rules participants must adhere to. These rules include payment of entry fees, qualifications for each division, and optional divisions like the ladies and juniors divisions. Captains are responsible for being informed about the rules, and protests can be filed in writing by registered captains with a cash deposit accompanying each protest.

    What safety guidelines should participants follow during the tournament?

    Boating safety is emphasized, and participants must adhere to specific guidelines. The number of anglers per boat is unlimited, as long as it does not exceed the vessel’s capacity. Departure locations for fishing are limited to designated areas, and fishing can only start at designated times. Participants must also abide by the state’s fishing rules.

    How does the weigh-in process work?

    The weigh-in is a crucial part of the tournament. Participants have a specific time frame to present their catches for weighing. Official tournament-approved scales are used to measure fish weight in precise increments. All fish must undergo inspection to ensure they were caught during the designated fishing times and meet the tournament rules. Proper fish preservation is essential, and any signs of improper care may lead to disqualification.

    What can participants expect from the beach tournaments in Port St Joe?

    The beach tournaments in Port St Joe offer exciting opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. From competitive fishing events to beach fishing contests, Port St Joe is an angler’s paradise. These tournaments provide a chance to showcase angling skills and compete for prestigious prizes, creating a vibrant and competitive angling community.